Drive a Maserati MC20 On a Racetrack!

Experience the thrill of driving a Maserati MC20, a supercar that combines advanced technology and Italian design. With its 3.0-liter V6 engine producing 621 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque, the MC20 accelerates from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. read more >

The car features a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and advanced aerodynamics for optimal performance on the road. Inside, you'll find a luxurious cabin with premium materials and state-of-the-art technology. The MC20 also features advanced driving aids, such as a rear-wheel steering system, for enhanced handling and stability. Get behind the wheel of this masterpiece of engineering and feel the raw power and agility of the MC20 as you take on our Exotics Racing racetrack.

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Maserati MC20

Maserati MC20
  • 200 MPH
  • 630 HP
  • 2.9 S
  • US$260.000
Blending a light, old-school design with a modern, flexible, massively torquey motor creates a concoction that few will be able to forget. If you want the best of new and old worlds, you need to try sliding through a corner in an MC20.

Tips From A Pro

The relatively low weight of 3,300 pounds and sophisticated suspension design means the MC20 can dance with an urgency and alertness that its on-road manners would not suggest. Light, fast, informative steering matched with double-wishbone suspension at all four corners gives the driver a feeling of confidence and connection that are utterly addicting.

Laps & Discounts


Nuestro equipo de anfitriones de carreras te guiará a través de la experiencia completa.

Arrival And Registration
Sugerimos llegar 15 minutos antes de tu sesión de manejo, asegúrate de tener su licencia de manejo válida también. Una vez que te hayas registrado siéntete libre de visitar los pits y tomar fotos o relajarte en una estancia hasta que empiece tu sesión de clase. Proveemos transporte gratuito ida y vuelta a Las Vegas Strip.
Technical Briefing
Aprende las técnicas más eficientes para manejar en nuestra pista de carreras. Las instrucciones técnicas interactivas servirán para presentarte a nuestros procesos de pista y conducción apropiada. Después se te asignará un instructor que te ayudará a sacarle el máximo a tu experiencia de manejo sin correr peligro.
Discovery Lap
Viaje como pasajero para tener una vista previa de nuestra pista de carreras. Las vueltas de descubrimiento se dan en una velocidad moderada para explicar cada zona de frenado, ápice y aceleración. Esto te permite familiarizarte con la pista y con la forma en la que reaccionará tu cuerpo a las vueltas.
EXPERIENCIA DE MANEJO - DE 5 A 200 VUELTAS from 5 to 200 laps
Driving Experience
¡Ponte detrás del volante de un poderoso superauto en nuestra pista de carreras! Tu instructor de carreras profesional te ayudará a sacarle el máximo a tu experiencia de manejo. El tiempo varía dependiendo de cuantos autos y/o vueltas hagas. Si aplica, el viaje acompañado en el auto de derrapes ocurrirá después de que termines de manejar.
Cars and Laps
Mejore su experiencia al conducir más coches y vueltas. Con nuestra oferta especial de Buy 1 Get 1 Free, cuanto más conduzca, más vueltas libres conseguirá en pista. Además, si desea conducir diferentes superautos, puede ahorrar hasta $100 por coche adicional. Y no se olvide de comprar la experiencia de paseo; Este será el paseo de su vida!
SALIDA - 30 MIN 30 min
Check Out
Al final de su experiencia de conducción, recibirá un Certificado de Logro. Un video HD de tu experiencia de conducción que te captura en el asiento del conductor y muestra tu posición de pista, tu velocidad, velocidad máxima y tu tiempo de vuelta más rápido estará disponible para la compra.
VESTIMENTASe requiere ropa cómoda y zapatos cerrados.
No se requieren trajes de carreras. No se permiten zapatos con punta abierta, sandalias y tacones altos. Zapatos cerrados se proporcionarán a cualquier persona que no tiene calzado adecuado.
LICENCIA DE MANEJO La licencia de manejo de cualquier estado o país es requerida. Debe de ser mayor de edad (18+)
La licencia de manejo de cualquier estado o país es requerida. Los conductores deben tener por lo menos 18 años de edad. Los pasajeros deben ser mayores de 13 años y lo suficientemente altos como para sentarse en el asiento del pasajero mientras usan el cinturón de seguridad estándar.
CASCOS Y SEGUROLos cascos se proveen en la pista sin costo alguno. El seguro está incluido
Usted debe usar correctamente su casco durante todo el tiempo en el coche como conductor y pasajero. Los cascos se proporcionan sin costo y todos los tamaños de casco estándar están disponibles. El seguro está incluido sin deducible.
CENTRO DE MANEJOCentro de manejo con facilidades Premium y una terraza con vista panorámica.
Nuestro centro de conducción EXR de Las Vegas es un espacio de 14.000 pies cuadrados de hospitalidad y ofrece servicios premium con cafetería privada, salas de relax, Wifi, aire acondicionado y área VIP. Los conductores y los huéspedes pueden ver los supercars en pista desde la terraza panorámica de la azotea con una vista asombrosa en toda la pista.
AMIGOS Y FAMILIAAmigos y familiares están invitados a acompañarte en la pista de carreras.
Usted y sus invitados pueden tomar todas las fotos y videos que desee mientras permanecen fuera de peligro de la pista y el flujo de tráfico dentro y fuera del espacio de estacionamiento.
TRANSPORTE Transporte gratuito de ida y vuelta desde el Strip de Las Vegas
Ofrecemos un servicio de transporte gratuito desde el ARIA Resort and Casino hasta nuestra pista de Las Vegas. También ofrecemos un estacionamiento gratuito si desea venir con su propio vehículo. Otros servicios de transporte fáciles como Uber o Lyft serán la manera más rápida y flexible de llegar. Para la mejor experiencia, paseo en limosina con nuestro socio Presidential Limousine.
  • Vestimenta Se requiere ropa cómoda y zapatos cerrados
  • Licensia de Manejo La licencia de manejo de cualquier estado o país es requerida. Debe de ser mayor de edad (18+)
  • Casco y Seguro Los cascos se proveen en la pista sin costo alguno. El seguro está incluido
  • Centro de Manejo Centro de manejo con facilidades Premium y una terraza con vista panorámica.
  • Amigos y Familia Amigos y familiares están invitados a acompañarte en la pista de carreras

Our Exclusive Racetrack


ONLY at Exotics Racing!

You never know how fast you are until you come to Exotics Racing! Challenge your driving skills on a racetrack behind the wheel of our supercars and take part of the world's largest motorsports competition, exclusively at Exotics Racing Las Vegas.
After each driving experience, whether you want to race against the clock or a friend, our automatic live and online ranking allows you to compare your laptimes and rank against other drivers. There is no exception, every driver is timed on our racetrack and therefore is a competitor of our World Challenge!
Who will be the next fastest driver at Exotics Racing?

Maserati MC20 Video

8,079 Reviews

Over 400,000+ Happy Customers! We've become a top rated racing attraction in Las Vegas. See what others have to say about their exciting driving experience at Exotics Racing.

lvms fronticon

abril 4, 2023

This is such an amazing experience! All runs smoothly, the pre-drive course is great (and also settles the nerves a bit!). Had an amazing coach in Tao, who was just awesome. Only complaint was having to stop!
lvms fronticon

abril 26, 2023

We loved the experience and everything about it EXCEPT when I had to contact customer service via CHAT before we got there. The agent was short and rude and unhelpful. Her name was ***. While I know maybe from her end she wasn't being rude because maybe that's the protocol of Exotics Racing (to answer the question), but I basically asked - what if my flight was delayed and I got there late. Her response, "No later than 115". I feel like Exotics Racing can do something more than that for someone like me who was flying in a couple of hours before. We made it fine but maybe something like, "If your flight is late show us proof and we will work with you". Everything else was fantastic.
lvms fronticon

julio 23, 2023

Registration and *** support were great. Customer support was impressive. As an example: when we thought we were going to be late for our appointment we called and got a real person who assured us that we would be taken care of regardless of arrival time. i would recommend Exotics -- and have recommended it in the past.
lvms fronticon

noviembre 7, 2023

Justin was an amazing coach/assistant and was super easy to get along with. He also made me feel like I wasn’t doing as poorly as I felt like I was - driving those is not as easy as it looks! Instructor for safety briefing (one of the managers) was engaging and thoughtful. I overall had a fantastic experience. Only downside - we went to turn in our USBs and the girl took them and discarded them. Then, someone in our party went to turn theirs in and she asked if they wanted to watch it. I wasn’t even aware this was an option (she didn’t ask me if I wanted to watch, just asked if I wanted to buy without seeing the footage…..). When I asked to see my video, she told me she had already gotten rid of the USB and it was too late, I’d have to pay for the video. Awful customer service from her at the end kind of killed the whole experience, but still would recommend the experience.
lvms fronticon

diciembre 8, 2023

Would love if there was complimentary transportation, or even a credit to ***
lvms fronticon

diciembre 13, 2023

The cars need to be maintained better. My friend and I visit your place every year and certain cars that we pick always seem to be out of commission. We both picked the McClaren the past 4 visits and it was always out of commission. We also noticed the last couple of times there seems to be too many clients there, causing a lot of traffic on track which interferes with our lap times. It happened several times to both of us on this last visit. Maybe you should limit the number of drivers per hour.


The world's largest fleet of exotic cars with over 50 cars and 19 models to choose from including the hottest cars by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin,
Porsche, Corvette, Audi and Mercedes. All cars are equipped with paddle shifters to accommodate all skill levels and board dash
cameras to capture every moment of your Exotics Racing experience.

Maneja un Nissan GT-R

from US$36 per lap

Porsche Cayman GT4
Drive a Porsche Cayman GT4

from US$36 per lap

Corvette C7 Z06
Maneja un Corvette C7 Z06

from US$45 per lap

Mercedes AMG-GTR
Drive a Mercedes AMG GTR

from US$50 per lap

Maneja un Acura NSX

from US$45 per lap

Shelby GT500
Drive a Shelby GT500

from US$50 per lap

Audi R8 V10 Plus
Drive an Audi R8 V10 Plus

from US$60 per lap

Corvette C7 Z06
Drive a Corvette ZR1

from US$45 per lap

Maserati MC20
Drive a Maserati MC20

from US$62 per lap

Maneja un McLaren 570S

from US$62 per lap

488 GTB
Maneja un Ferrari 488 GTB

from US$76 per lap

Ferrari F8 Tributo
Drive a Ferrari F8 Tributo

from US$80 per lap

Ferrari 488 Pista
Drive a Ferrari 488 Pista

from US$90 per lap

Porsche 911 GT2 RS
Drive a Porsche 911 GT2 RS

from US$79 per lap

McLaren 570 GT4
Drive a McLaren GT4

from US$99 per lap


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