Porsche 911 GT3
There is No Substitute

Where to begin with the new 911 GT3? The chassis has been fully recalibrated to accept the 500 horsepower from the 4-liter, naturally-aspirated flat-6 engine driving the rear wheels. The suspension’s updated active shocks keep the wheels fully controlled whether that’s riding the bumps in the road, or confronting lateral g-loads. The body has been sculpted to retain the quintessential 911 shape, yet harness the air around it to even greater affect.  read more >

So where to begin? The ignition start button would be best.Once you do, the feral howl coming from the sport-tuned exhaust acts like a cheerleader exhorting you to go faster, and push a bit harder. The steering is light, yet remarkably direct. Feedback is precise, almost prescient. Grip is prodigious, but not in a sticky, gummy way. It’s the kind of grip that gives you the confidence to point the car into corners with the least amount of speed scrubbed, or if lap times aren’t important, to go just a touch over the slip angle purely for laughs. Soon you’ll discover that purpose and pleasure become one and same when ensconced in the 911 GT3’s carbon-shelled racing seats.

Ask more of the 2018 Porsche 911 GT3, and it delivers. Every car has its limit, but finding it in the 911 GT3 won’t be easy. It simply likes to go, and keep going. The carbon ceramic brakes won’t fade even under the most intense lapping session. The chassis just seems to sharpen the more its pushed.

With a dry-sump lubricated engine, taken straight from the 911 RSR, with a stiffened crankshaft and updated valves with lower spring rates for better response, will run up and down its rev range until the fuel runs out without a single complaint. Speaking of revs, the 911 GT3 will pull from as low as 2000 RPMs, but the sweet spot lies between 5,500 and 8,000 RPMs. It’s no wonder this engine has helped Porsche win sports car races around the world over the past two seasons.

The track is where this car belongs. Accelerating without regret out of corners, rocketing down straights, braking deep into corners and kissing apexes is how you find its happy place, and yours.

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Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 991 GT3
  • 198 MPH
  • 500 HP
  • 3.8 S
  • $143,000

The wait is over! One of the most anticipated cars has arrived to Exotics Racing®; the all-new Porsche 911 GT3. One thing is clear already: the new 911 GT3 is going to change its driver. With outstanding performance and by offering excellent manageability, it breaks through existing limits in the mind and on the track.

Romain Thievin

Tips From A Pro

"Why has Porsche won Le Mans 18 times overall? Because they never stop searching for improvement. The 2018 911 GT3 is born of the same philosophy. That means on track, you can drive it like a racecar. Push as deep into the corners as you dare, trail-braking to the apex and then feed the power aggressively, because the 911 GT3 can handle it lap after the lap."



Supercar available in Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA and Spring Mountain, NV


Our team of racing experts will guide you through the entire experience

Arrival And Registration
We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your driving session with your valid driver’s license. Once you're checked-in, feel free to visit the pit lane to take pictures or relax in the lounge area until your classroom session begins.
Technical Briefing
The interactive technical briefing will introduce you to our track and proper driving procedures that will make you a more efficient and faster driver. Later, you will be paired with an instructor who will help you to safely get the most out of your driving experience.
Discovery Lap
Exclusive and only at Exotics Racing, ride along with one of our professional drivers behind the wheel in order to get a preview of our racetrack. The Discovery Laps are driven at moderate speed in order to explain each braking zone, apex, and acceleration zone. During this session, you will become familiar with the racetrack as well as how your body will react to the turns.
DRIVING EXPERIENCE - FROM 5 TO 200 LAPS from 5 to 200 laps
Driving Experience
Get behind the wheel of a powerful supercar on our racetrack! Your personal racing instructor will help you get the absolute most out of your driving experience. The length of your session will vary depending on how many cars or laps you are doing.
Cars and Laps
Enhance your experience by driving more cars and laps. With our Buy 1 Get 1 Free special offer, the more you drive, the more free laps you get on track. Also, if you want to drive different supercars, you can save up to $100 off per additional car. And don’t forget to purchase the ride-along experience; this will be the adrenaline-pumping ride of your life!
CHECK OUT - 30 MIN 30 min
Check Out
At the conclusion of your driving experience, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. An HD video from on board your driving experience that captures you in the driver’s seat and displays your track position, your speed, top speed, and your fastest lap time will be available for purchase.
DRESS Comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes required.
No racing suits are required. Open-toe shoes, sandals, and high-heels are not allowed. Close-toe shoes will be provided to anyone who does not have proper footwear.
DRIVER LICENSE Driver's license from any state or country required. Must be 18+.
Your driver’s license can be issued from any state or country. Drivers must be at least 18 years old. Ride-along passengers must be tall enough to safely sit in the passenger seat of the car while properly wearing the car’s standard seatbelt.
HELMETS & INSURANCEHelmets are provided on track at no cost. Insurance is included.
You must properly wear your helmet throughout the entire time in the car as a driver and passenger. Helmets are provided at no cost and all standard helmet sizes are available. Insurance is included with no deductible.
DRIVING CENTER Stunning Driving Center with premium facilities and panoramic viewing terrace.
Our Las Vegas EXR Driving Center is a state-of-art 14,000 square feet of hospitality space and provides premium services with private café, relaxing lounges, Wifi, AC and VIP area. Drivers and guests can watch the supercars on track from the panoramic rooftop terrace with an astonishing view on the whole racetrack.
FRIENDS AND FAMILY Friends and family are welcome to join you at the racetrack.
You and your guests may take as many pictures and videos as you want while remaining safely off of the track and flow of traffic in and out of pit lane.
TRANSPORTATION Complimentary round-trip transportation from the Las Vegas Strip
We offer a complimentary shuttle service from the ARIA Resort & Casino to our Las Vegas racetrack. We also provide a complimentary parking if you want to come with your own vehicle. Other easy and affordable transportation services such as Uber or Lyft will be the quickest and most flexible way to get there. For the Supercar experience, ride in a limo with our partner Presidential Limousine.
  • dress Comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes required
  • Driver License Valid Driver’s license from any state or country required. Must be 18+
  • Helmets & Insurance Helmets are provided on track at no cost. Insurance is included
  • Driving Center Driving Center with premium facilities and panoramic viewing terrace
  • Friends and Family Friends and family are welcome to join you at the racetrack
  • Transportation Complimentary round-trip transportation from the Las Vegas Strip

NEW and ONLY at Exotics Racing!

You never know how fast you are untill you come to Exotics Racing for Michelin Challenge! Challenge your driving skils on a racetrack behind the wheel of our supercars and take part of the world's largest motorsports competition, exclusively at Exotics Racing Las Vegas.
After each driving experience, whether you want to race against the clock or a friend, our automatic live and online ranking allows you to compare your times and rank against other drivers. There is no exception, every driver is timed on our racetrack and therefore ia a competitor of our World Challenge!
Who will be the next fastest driver at Exotics Racing?

Porsche 911 GT3 Video


A full-day to improve your driving skills and get the best out of the Porsche 991 GT3.

289 Reviews

Over 230,000 Happy Customers! We've become a top rated racing attraction in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. See what others have to say about their exciting driving experience at Exotics Racing.

lvms fronticon

September 29, 2016

This was my second driving experience at Exotics. The first time was a little intimidating, but this time I knew what to expect and was much more relaxed and had even more fun! I drove 2 Porsches. I previously drove the 458 Italia and honestly the 911 was much more fun. It's so responsive and easy to drive it's a great car for this track. My instructor *** is the best! I made some mistakes, but he's a total rock. He'll push you to get the most out of the cars, but keeps it fun. The whole staff makes you feel welcome and it's a well organized place from the greeting to the end. If they offer you a special rate to drive another car, take it!! In fact, spend as much time and $$ as you can, life is short!!
lvms fronticon

September 20, 2016

Wonderful time, can't wait to come back!
lvms fronticon

September 20, 2016

This is by far the best activity to do in Vegas. Nothing compares to the thrill and excitement. Will definitely be back again. Big thanks to the staff for their friendliness and organization. Keep up the great work.
lvms fronticon

September 20, 2016

This was a great experience - it's something that has been on my bucket list for awhile now & Exotics Racing did not disappoint! The facilities & cars are well cared for & all of the personnel I interacted with were professional. My driving instructor was ***. He made it a great day on the track, but I was also surprised by his ability & willingness to translate what I was learning on the track to become a more knowledgeable driver off the track. (I honestly have not given my daily driving techniques much thought since I got my license over 20 years ago...) I highly recommend this company!
Exotics Racing Auto Club Speedway

September 20, 2016

Staff and driving coaches were very friendly and helpful. Had a nice time after our races eating lunch while observing other races.
Exotics Racing Auto Club Speedway

September 13, 2016

The experience in a Porsche GT3 with *** greatly exceeded my expectations. My objective was to receive onboard coaching on cornering techniques as the L.A. course has several challenging technical corners (double apex, decreasing radius, etc.). As recorded on the video, the input from *** was continuous throughout the session and completely on target. The cars are well-spaced on the course but if you need to pass, it is done totally safely with instructors in both cars involved in the pass. Thanks to *** encouragement, I drove the GT3 at the limit of braking, grip and speed going into corners which was totally exhilarating. Was this a taxi ride with an instructor riding shotgun? Absolutely not! It was a full-on, turn-by-turn instructional experience with a pro driver coach. I'd definitely do it again.
Exotics Racing Auto Club Speedway

September 7, 2016

I had an awesome time and I will be recommending this experience to friends. The customer service was great. This was a gift from my wife who came along with my grand-daughter to watch me drive and they too had an awesome time. See you soon! ***
Exotics Racing Auto Club Speedway

September 6, 2016

The intro to race-line on your track was very well produced (even if a little ra-ra). I was already excited about the experience. The safety briefing was again, very well done and called out how things will transpire and what to expect. There was great consistency from start to finish. All of the race instructors were very approachable. The spotting laps were exactly what they needed to be for that track. Joe is an excellent instructor. I am a little experienced (in Autocross) and I greatly appreciate the extra efforts he took with me to improve my reactions and habits while driving on track. He made my experience so much better than if he threw the keys at me and said 'go race' (but then again... that could have been fun too). I learned so much about me and how I can improve my technical capabilities. All I can say about the "tired" 991 GT was OMG! What an excellent car. It's so much more capable and forgiving than I expected. This is really a race-car with license plates. It may look common, but everything about it was screaming for more speed in straights, corners and was very forgiving for the 2 times I felt lost on my line. (I think I am in love... with the car that is). One comment for improvement: The cost of the grainy video was not appropriate for the quality of the video received and compared to all of the other services provided. I would have liked a 1080p version instead of the quality I received. The overall staff were super friendly. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to drive a $150K car at speed on a track. I thought that Exotics was an exceptional (if very commercial) experience. I will be a customer again sometime in the very near future (and I will tell my friends about it).
lvms fronticon

August 30, 2016

An absolutely amazing time. Highly recommend. Great cars and great instructors that help you get as fast as possible.
lvms fronticon

August 30, 2016

I absolutely recommend Exotics Racing to many people. My employment puts me in front of a lot of people in our community so I share the experience frequently. As a local I have been there 4 times now and hopefully will return. Jason, Jeff and Chris are awesome. For residents, you don't live in Las Vegas until you have driven at Exotics Racing!


The world's largest fleet of exotic cars with over 50 cars and 19 models to choose from including the hottest cars by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin,
Porsche, Corvette, Audi and Mercedes. All cars are equipped with paddle shifters to accommodate all skill levels and board dash
cameras to capture every moment of your Exotics Racing experience.

R8 V10
Drive an Audi R8 V8

from $36 per lap

Corvette C7 Z06
Drive a Corvette C7 Z06

from $45 per lap

F430 F1
Drive a Ferrari F430 F1

from $45 per lap

Drive an Acura NSX

from $45 per lap

991 GT3
Drive a Porsche 911 GT3

from $45 per lap

Drive a McLaren 570S

from $62 per lap

488 GTB
Drive a Ferrari 488 GTB

from $76 per lap


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