As the first and largest exotic car driving experience in the world, we can never compromise on safety or performance, and we had to work with the best tire manufacturer in the World. Not only do we run our supercars exclusively at high speed on our racetracks, we also drive them in the brutal heat of the Las Vegas desert. This is a real proving ground for these beautiful machines, and it requires the best tires.

There are already very few manufacturers that can provide high performance tires for our whole fleet of cars, but Michelin brings it to the next level with two very important characteristics: grip is important, but grip at the limit is even more critical, and very subtle. The Michelin Ultra High Performance tires demonstrate great progressivity at the limit, which enhances drastically the driver’s experience and provides additional confidence, safety and predictability. Also, the durability of performance is important: as a business, maintaining our cost within acceptable levels is paramount, but we cannot sacrifice safety nor performance. Michelin provides better performance durability than their competitors, which allows us to keep the tires longer: we have experienced a much better performance from used Michelin tires than brand new tires from other brands, which is pretty amazing.

Overall, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is the perfect tire for our track activities, with the Pilot Sport Cup 2 being reserved for our highest performance cars. Michelin always innovates and we know we can always count on them to provide our guests with the best possible tire.

David Perisset, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S consistently ranks at the top of Ultra High Performance tire rankings because it offers both superior grip and durability in both wet and dry conditions. While the test data backs up the Pilot Sport 4S’ superiority, it’s the confidence-inspiring feedback that wins drivers over. Even after numerous fast laps around the Exotics Racing circuit, the Michelin Pilot 4S continues to deliver consistent grip and feeling, letting drivers know how the car is responding to braking, cornering and acceleration that leads to lower lap times and more fun behind the wheel.


The Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire sits atop Michelin’s range of Ultra High Performance tires, bringing in 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning technology and know-how to deliver the tire that comes as spec on the world’s best super cars. At Exotics Racing, each of our Porsche 911 GT2 and GT3 RS as well as the our Lamborghini Huracan ride exclusively on the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. That’s because the Pilot Sport Cup 2 delivers amazing grip at even the most extreme slip angles. In wet or dry conditions, the Pilot Sport Cup 2 inspires drivers to push harder in an effort to get the most performance from their car whether that’s attacking quick directional change corners, high speed sweepers or slow corners that demand hard braking on entry. In any high-speed circumstance, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 delivers performance that’s hard to beat.

Learn more about the Michelin Ultra-High Performance Sport tires here


Only at Exotics Racing!

You never know how fast you are until you come to Exotics Racing for the Michelin Time Trial Challenge!
Challenge your driving skills on a racetrack behind the wheel of our supercars and take part of the world's largest motorsports competition, exclusively at Exotics Racing Las Vegas.
Whether you want to race against the clock or a friend, our Arrive-and-Drive experience allows drivers to come in and shoot for the fastest lap against friends, colleagues, and other racers. After each driving experience, our live ranking allows you to compare your times and rank against other drivers. You can check the online results to see how you fare against the best of your category and come back to challenge yourself! With every supercar in our fleet equipped with transponders, you can also compare your performance with celebrities and famous racing car drivers who have visited Exotics Racing, such as Kyle Busch, Mario Andretti or Cain Velasquez. There is no exception, every driver is timed on our racetrack and therefore is a competitor of our World Challenge!

Perfect for group events and bachelor parties, organize your own Time Trial at our racetrack and entertain your guests with this exclusive competition at Exotics Racing.

Michelin Time Trial is available for every supercar driving experience at our Las Vegas racetrack.

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