Stay updated with news, favorite photos, and terrific videos about our supercar driving experience and all other activities at the Speedvegas Motorsports Park.

Exotics Racing have been featured in some of the most prestigious publications and automotive websites including Road & Track, Car and Driver, DuPont Registry, Racer Magazine, Popular Mechanics, LA Times, US Today, Hollywood Reporter, Vegas Magazine, Luxury Magazine, Robb Report, and Autoweek just to name a few. Our Communication and PR team is dedicated to provide every media with information about our activity such as new supercar deliveries on track or racing events. Contact us for more information about Exotics Racing and Speedvegas or to schedule your next visit at one of our racetrack:experience@exoticsracing.com

The Perfect Place for Corporate Events

The Perfect Place For Your Corporate Events


Make an impact and solidify business relationships with your most important clients. Provide a Luxury Experience with Exotics Racing. For less than the price of a traditional golf outing, an exhilarating day can be had on the racetrack. Exotics Racing is the only driving experience with the highest echelon supercars, and racing techniques from our professional in-car instructors, that gives you the chance to push their limits around the corners of the world’s only specifically designed exotic car racetrack. Have your clients feel the power of hundreds of horsepower at their disposal, the G-Forces on a 90mph turn, and the snap from a high-speed gear change.

Team building
Add the smell of burning tires, hot ceramic brakes, and the marvelous sound of a high RPM scream to your corperate event. Additionally, the VIP Experience enables your key accounts & clients to race in up to eight different supercars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, Audi’s, Aston Martin, and more. Exclusive private rooms in our building and time on the track are available for corporate events as well. Your clients will forever remember taking a Lamborghini at speed around our track and remember your business for it's gratitude. Have questions? Contact Group Sales. 

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